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Bait Season Ends July 31st

 Every season on August 1st, Crowley Lake enters into it's restricted fishing season. No live or scented bait may be used, only artificial & barbless flies or lures, and you may only keep two trout that are a minimum of 18 inches.

These regulations help to protect the trout population that grows and spawns here.If you are new to this type of fishing, don't let it scare you off! It's great to be at Crowley Lake while everywhere else is still packed and this is some of the best fishing of the year! Come into our shop and we'll help get you set up. There are many great and simple options for a successful day of barbless fishing.

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Trolling Report August 28, 2018

Trolling Report-Ryan Kitts & Fred Johnson (KJ Flashers) 

Its that time of year to start getting excited!!!!! The evenings are cooling off and the water temperatures are following.  The bite is starting to pick up in McGee Bay the North Arm and outside of the Harbor. We are forecasted to continue the Coolling trend. September 1st is the official meteorological start of Fall.


The best producing trolling lures seem to be the any of the frog pattern Tasmanian devils, Thomas buoyants in the Sunset, Black Dot Frog and Brown Trout patterns. Do not spend too much time in one place, change lures colors and water until you get the LUNKER. And do not forget to give June Lake a try! They have been planting some VERY LARGE fish!!


Good luck and tight lines!

Ryan Kitts and Fred Johnson/KJ Flashers


Fly Fishing Report September 19, 2018

 September 19, 2018

The fly fishing is going off on Crowley!!! Fish are being caught anywhere from 5-12ft depth. with the lake

level going down, weeds are a factor(even on the bottom;). if midging, try to find a big open area.

 the strip bite is also going off so if pulling a streamer(small black leech) stay around the weed patches. right

now, the fly fishing is spread out. a lot of people are fishing up in the North Arm(green banks area), some

are still fishing in Mcgee, and a few are fishing Crooked bay. it seems a lot of browns are being caught with

the occasional big Cutthroat(20-25") and Rainbows(20-23"). with fall temps already here it seems like

most of these fish are in pre-spawn mode or will be soon.

fyi- DFG are on the prowl!!!...... make sure to pinch barbs

 Location: McGee Bay, Sandy Point, Hilton Bay (inlets), NORTH ARM!(owens channel), crooked bay

Flies: Hornberg, Matuka, small leeches, albino Baron, copper tigers, shaft midges, damsel nymphs, standard zebra midge, calliabaetis nymphs, wu-tang caddis