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Bait Fishing Report July 15, 2017

Bait Fishing Report  July 15, 2017

Fishing continues to be great!!!   it seems the fish are more on the bait bite than anything else.  it has been pretty consistent over in McGee Bay, out by the floating restroom.   Soaking power bait on the bottom has been the best method.  if using worms(night crawlers), make sure it floats off the bottom by using a worm blower of some sort.   if that dosent appeal, then use Gulp Infused Night Crawlers(natural color).  they floast really well and are eco friendly(biodegradable).  Fish are still pretty deep.  keep in mind, as the lake level is going up everyday the fish are getting deeper.   using light/flurocarbon tess will help up your chances of catching.  


Location:  Mcgee Bay, little and big Hilton Bay, Crooked Bay(evening)

Depth;  15-30ft

Bait: Gulp Infused Night crawlers, Gulp Sherbert Burst, Lime Twist Power bait, Gulp Chunky Cheese, garlic power bait,  worms,



Perch Report

 The perch bite has come to a complete stop.  The full spawn is going on so they are sitting tight, in the weeds, protecting their eggs.  Might be able to catch some by jigging right outside the weed line.



Trolling Report July 15, 2017

 Trolling Report July 15, 2017-Don Meier C.P.R. Guide Service (760)784-1524


Warm to hot days and biting trout. Best area has continued to be McGee Bay. When you can get in to the shallower areas around 18-20 feet the lures need to be down 16-18 feet. Fish hugging the bottom. If too crowded with bait and midge fishermen move out as the bite can be excellent in the 22-32 foot water. Fish still very c;ose to the bottom. Best ;ures have been the Tasmanians in green with small rainbow Raplas next best choice. All three speces biting with many fish over 20". Took a complete lap around the lake scouting a couple days ago and ended back on McGee.
Don Meier CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524


trolling lures:  Frog Needlefish, Bleeding frog Tas Devils, Bloody Ripper Tas Devils, Cranberra Tas Devil, CD3 Perch Rapala, CD3 FireTiger Rapala, CD3 BrookTrout Rapala, TJ Special Tas Devil



Fly Fishing Report July 15, 2017

Fly Fishing Report July 15, 2017

Fly fishing is really up and down.  it seems like the ratio is 2-3good days/4-5bad days.  as the lake level is going up everyday the fish are getting deeper which is making the fly fishing tougher.  McGee Bay seems like the only place the fish are grabbing.  there are some planters in little hilton.  the strip bite will be turning on soon.  there are millions of perch fries in the marina... 

Fly: Mickey Baron's shaft midge, Mickey Baron's albino baron, Mickey Baron's small copper tiger, Mickey Baron's black zebra, purple tungsten midge, small punk perch, damsel nymph.

Depth: 18-26ft

Location: Mcgee Bay, Hilton Bay, Whiskey Bay