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Bait Fishing Report Aug 1, 2014

Bait Fishing Report Aug-1, 2014

Starting Friday August-1, the Dept of Fish and Wildlife changes the regulations
on Crowley Lake to artificial lures / Barbless hooks only.   No bait or scents
are allowed through the end of the season.  Also, you are limited to a single
rod, even if you had bought the 2nd rod stamp. The limit on trout also changes
to 2 fish in possession which must be 18 inches in length or greater.



Perch Fishing Report Aug 27, 2014

Perch Fishing Report August 27, 2014

The lead core trollers are still picking up a few perch, but it
has slowed down for them a bit.  You can still get some by pulling
small broken back Rapallas down 2 to 3 colors.  The guys are mostly
fishing the deeper waters of McGee Bay, and over by Chalk Cliffs.



Fly Fishing Report October 23, 2014

Fly Fishing Report October 23, 2014

 The fly fishing starts slow each day while it's cold in the morning, but it really
gets going around 10:00 each day.  The water temps are down into the mid 50's right
now, so there is not much hatching.  The cold mornings have pretty much killed the
algae, so the water is nice and clear. We have been doing best with the small Albino
on the bottom all day long.  On the top, you can use any of the large emergers, or a
Copper Tiger. There are fish hitting all over the lake, mostly in the deeper water.
Look for 15 feet of water off of Alligator Point, Sandy Point, or in Big Hilton.
You can pick up some fish a bit shallower over at 6-Bays in 13 feet of water at the
base of the drop offs.

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Trolling Report October 23, 2014

Trolling Report October 23, 2014

The fishing is still very good and more of the brown trout are starting to show. Several
areas are giving up steady fishing for legal fish starting with X Mas bay, behind Sandy
Point and all the way on that side through 6 Bays. On the other side Leighton and behind
Alligator Point the fish are in the 11-16 foot water putting the lures down 8-12 feet.
Over at X Mas bay I have been fishing the shallower 9-12 foot water early then moving out
to the 12-16 foot water later in the morning. For me the minnow type lures like Rapala,
Yozuri, and Mirashad have been best early then switching over to the Tasmanians in the
deeper water later in the morning. Trophy guys need to be in the harbor area out to the
river channel and fish the drop offs of big Hilton, little Hilton, the beach in front of
the fish camp. Exploratory trips into Crooked Creek can be rewarding and offer them a meal
not a snack. Rapalas in the 11, 13, and 18 floaters are a good idea in black and silver
and rainbow colors. Not much time left for our season but now is a great time to be up
with us enjoying an uncrowded lake and only our fly fishing friends to share in the fun.  
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