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Bait Fishing Report Aug 1, 2014

Bait Fishing Report Aug-1, 2014

Starting Friday August-1, the Dept of Fish and Wildlife changes the regulations
on Crowley Lake to artificial lures / Barbless hooks only.   No bait or scents
are allowed through the end of the season.  Also, you are limited to a single
rod, even if you had bought the 2nd rod stamp. The limit on trout also changes
to 2 fish in possession which must be 18 inches in length or greater.



Perch Fishing Report Aug 27, 2014

Perch Fishing Report August 27, 2014

The lead core trollers are still picking up a few perch, but it
has slowed down for them a bit.  You can still get some by pulling
small broken back Rapallas down 2 to 3 colors.  The guys are mostly
fishing the deeper waters of McGee Bay, and over by Chalk Cliffs.



Fly Fishing Report September 24, 2014

Fly Fishing Repor September 24, 2014

The fishing slowed down quite a bit this past week.  We had 5 or
6 days of unsettled weather, afternoon thunder showers and wind.
The water is starting to cool a bit, 64 degrees in McGee Bay today.
A little algae is starting to show up in the marina, and over in
McGee, but still very fishable.  We have still been catching fish
in McGee, but they are moving out to deeper water.  We have been
finding fish anywhere from 12 to 16 feet of water.  Shaft Emergers
on top, Albinos and Copper Tigers on the bottom.  Up in the North
Arm, the water is much better, very little algae.  The fish have
really spread out.  The best area has been off of the old North
Landing in 12 to 13 feet of water.  The fish that were up closer
to the Owens in 8 or 9 feet have vanished.  It's time to start
looking at some of the more traditional fall spots.  Leighton
Springs, Crooked Creek, and Big Hilton should start producing fish
pretty soon.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report September 24, 2014

Trolling Report September 24, 2014

The move to the North End is happening but there still are some great fish
in McGee Bay. Seems to me the bite in McGee is mostly rainbows and the fish
up north have been cutts and browns. Outside the midgers in Mcgee in the
11-15 foot water putting lures down 8-10 feet has been very productive. Up
at the North End from Leighton Springs towards Green Banks in the 10-16 foot
water put the lures down 8 feet. The entire North Landing Bay is full of fish.
They seem to move around and the tactic of turning around and pounding on them
does not always work. But trust me they are there. The deep river channel along
6 bays is holding some really nice fish also. Best lures have continued to be the
Tasmanians although Needlefish certainly will work along with rainbow and black
and silver Rapalas. It certainly would be a great time to use some trolling flies
like Arctic Fox and some of the old standbys like olive matukas, hornbergs etc.
Great time to be here and it should even get better as the days get shorter and
water continues to cool.  Don Meier CPR Guideservice 760 784 1524