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Bait Fishing Report July 1, 2015

Bait Fishing Report June 25, 2015

The water is still clear, the weather has been very nice, and the
fish are still being caught.  The top place has still been out in
McGee Bay.  The fish are still out in the deeper water, 20 to 25
feet.  If you set up a couple of hundred yards on the tackle shop
side of the bathroom, that should put you in about 20 feet of water,
if you set up 500 or 600 yards out you should be in about 25 feet
of water.  The top bait has been an inflated night crawler, fished
with a small single hook on 2lb test.  Other baits that have been
working are the green or yellow power baits.  A few other places to
try would be the 25 foot range off of Alligator Point, and at the
base of the drop offs in Big Hilton, or Sometimes Bay.


Perch Fishing Report July 1, 2015

Perch Fishing Report July 1, 2015 

The perch are still biting pretty good, the best area has been off
of the BLM Campground in 12 to 14 feet of water.  The BLM campground
is about half way to McGee Creek on the 395 shore line.  You will see
a bunch of RV's across 395 at the base of the mountains.  The top bait
has been a 2 inch Pumpkinseed Power Grub tipped with a white croppie
nibble, on a 1/16 oz leadhead jig.  I've also had a few reports from
7 feet of water over at Leighton Springs.



Fly Fishing Report July 1, 2015

Fly Fishing Report July 1, 2015

The fly fishing has been up and down this week.  We were doing very good
in 16 feet of water over in McGee Bay.  We had some pretty strong after-
noon winds this past week, and it blew some warm surface water into McGee,
which forced the fish out deeper.  You can find them in 20 to 21 feet,
about even with the floating bathroom.  Remember to pick up some kind of
deep water indicator here in the shop, if you are going to go after these
fish.  The other place we found a few fish is over in Big and Little
Hilton.  These fish are also in the 19 to 20 foot range for the most part.
Top flies have been Copper Tigers early, with a plain Shaft of Super Fly
on the top.  Once the fish get going, switch that Copper Tiger over to
one of thee gray patterns.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report July 1, 2015

Trolling Report July 1, 2015
The lake is acting like the middle of summer except the water is really
clear without any algae.  Best times are early and late, and the fish
are down pretty deep.  I have been putting lures down 24-28 feet in
30-40 feet of water in McGee Bay.  I have heard of great trolling over
by the Chalk Bluffs also.  Same depths for the lures, but in deeper water,
up to 50 feet deep.  The quality of the fish is fantastic with 2.5-5 lb
fish very common.  Both the browns and the cutts are cooperating with the
occasional bruiser rainbow to battle with.  Best lures have been various
Taasmanians, easiest lures to get deep with leadcore.  Downrigger guys will
have no problem getting various lures to the fish.  Should be a great 4th
weekend.  Don Meier, CPR Guideservice (760) 874-1524