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Bait Season Ends July 31st

 Every season on August 1st, Crowley Lake enters into it's restricted fishing season. No live or scented bait may be used, only artificial & barbless flies or lures, and you may only keep two trout that are a minimum of 18 inches.

These regulations help to protect the trout population that grows and spawns here.If you are new to this type of fishing, don't let it scare you off! It's great to be at Crowley Lake while everywhere else is still packed and this is some of the best fishing of the year! Come into our shop and we'll help get you set up. There are many great and simple options for a successful day of barbless fishing.

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Trolling Report October 22, 2018

Trolling Report-Ryan Kitts & Fred Johnson (KJ Flashers) 


Aloha to all, sorry I was on a little trip home with the family.  I have been fishing all week in all locations and fishing is HOT!!!! It is getting cold at night and the water temperatures have reached 58’.  The bite is starting to pick up in McGee Bay in front of the harbor and Crooked Creek however, the best bite remains in the North Arm. It is not so much the lure or the color we found but your speed and depth is critical.  We found the best bit to be between 12-25 feet of water.  KNOW YOUR LURES AND THE SPEEDS!!!!!


The best producing trolling lures seem to be the any of the frog pattern Tasmanian devils, Thomas buoyant in the Sunset, Spotted, and Trout patterns. Do not spend too much time in one place, change lure colors and water until you get the LUNKER. Fishing with my friend Bob Midas & Dennis from Burbank and we killed it! Everyday produced some 4-6 lb lunkers. Come get you some before the season ends!


Good luck and tight lines!

Ryan Kitts and Fred Johnson/KJ Flashers


Fly Fishing Report October 19, 2018

 Ocotober 19, 2018

WOOOOO!!!wow The Fly fishing is going off right now. With the warm weather the fishing has really picked up.

The bite really does not happen until the water temp warms up a little or until the sun is over your head(10am-ish).

Fish are off the bottom a bit so being right on the bottom is not crucial. Since the lake has gone down a bit

there are no weeds but if you do happen to find some weeds then work the edges. The big trout are still on the prowl for

perch fry. a small red/black leech to a small perch fry is deadly at this time of year. Type 1-3 intermediate

line is recommended. The North arm is fishing really well. lot of boats and tubers in anywhere from 10-15ft.

Mcgee is also holding fish, right in and outside the channel....inlets.

ps- its all about the weather. keep an eye out for the warm days...

Location: Leighton Springs, Mcgee bay, North Arm, Sandy point

 Flies:  albino Barons, regurlar shaft, Shaft emergers, ap emerger, small leeches, small perch, the DK midge