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Bait Fishing Report July 23, 2014

Bait Fishing Report July 23, 2014

Well, there is only 1 more weekend of bait fishing on Crowley.  Starting August-1,
the regulations change to barb-less hooks, and artificial lures only.  They do this
to protect the 500,000 small fish that will be going into the lake in August.  The
fishing started to pick up again this week, probably because the algae is all but
gone.  The bait guys were picking up fish over in McGee Bay, mostly on inflated
crawlers.  They have been getting them in 13 to 16 feet of water, just past the
floating restroom.  Other areas to try would be the drop offs just inside of
Pelican Point, and in 20 to 25 feet off of Alligator Point.



Perch Fishing Report July 23, 2014

Perch Fishing Report July 23, 2014

The trolllers have really done well on the perch this past week.  They have been
pulling small rapallas up on the north side of the lake.  The deeper water from
6-bays, down past Alligator Point and into Chalk Cliffs.  They have been getting
most of the perch fishing about 2 to 3 colors down.



Fly Fishing Report July 23, 2014

Fly Fishing Repor July 23, 2014

Things are starting to look better out there.  The algae is pretty much gone and the
water is very clear again.  We had a little rain this past week, which pumped some
fresh water into McGee Bay.  The fresh water and the perch fry showing up has pulled
a few fish in shallow for us.  We have been fishing along the weed beds in 11 to 13
feet of water.  Make sure you have a Punk Perch or Birds Nest out there as your top
fly.  On the bottom we have been using Albino Barons, Red Barons, and Copper Tigers.  
All fished about 6 inches from the bottom.  Make sure you give the flies a little
movement, most of our grabs have come as the flies are settling back after a good twitch.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report July 23, 2014

Trolling Report July 23, 2014

Trolling has been on the tough side lately. Best advice I can give is when you find
them stay on em. Do not just keep going looking for trout go back through the same
area. Some days they are in the 24-28 foot water down 20 feet and the next day the
40-42 foot water has been productive putting the lures down 28 feet.  We seem to get
a flurry of action each day and then quite a lot of boat ride.  I have been successful
on the Sandy Point side of McGee bay almost each day.  Other areas holding fish have
been over by Lifeguard Point, outside Christmas Bay, Big Hilton and the deep water in
the middle. Productive lures have been the 13 gm Tasmanians in Bengal Tiger, Bloody
Ripper, Funky Frog, Bleeding Frog and Brown Trout. The quality of the trout is fantastic
with all three species coming to the boat. Fun part has been the resurgence of the Rainbows.
Barb-less time is coming up soon and does not mean the end of the fishing, but rather a
great time to be on the lake. Tight Lines.     Don Meier  CPR Guide service  760 784 1524