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Bait Fishing Report May 20, 2015

Bait Fishing Report May 20, 2015

The bait fishing has been pretty good, mostly in the morning hours.
We have had overcast afternoons, with some pretty good winds each
day.  Mornings have usually been pretty calm with scattered clouds.
I've been getting good reports from several places around the lake.
Alligator Point in 25 to 30 feet of water, Sandy Point in 20 feet,
McGee Bay in 25 to 30 feet, and on the drop offs at Pelican Point.
Inflated crawlers have been working best, Green Power Bait, and
Yellow Power Baits have been working as well.


Perch Fishing Report May 14, 2015

Perch Fishing Report May 20, 2015
This years Perch Derby will be starting on May-21, come on in and
sign up.  There will be lots of good prizes again this year.  The
actual perch fishing has been on hold for a little while.  We have
been getting unusually cold weather this spring which has cause the
water temps to remain around 57 degrees.  Once that water hits 60
to 61, the perch will start migrtating into the shallow bays.  The
first places they show up each year are back in Crooked Creek, back
by the tires in our bay, and over in Beaver Cove.  2 lb test line
with a small 1/32 oz lead head/power grub has always been the best
way to catch them when they come into the shallows.  We are still
picking up a few each day over at Sandy Point and Big Hilton while
midge fishing in 13 to 15 feet of water.



Fly Fishing Report May 20, 2015

Fly Fishing Report May 20, 2015
The fly fishing has slowed down a bit since the last snow storm, and
the cold weather.  We are still getting fish from Sandy Point and Big
Hilton, but the fish have moved out to deeper water.  We have been
using the deep water sliding indicators and fishing 18 to 20 feet of
water on most days.  Albino Barons early, with a Copper Tiger on top. 
Later in the morning we have been fishing regular Super Flies, and
Shafts about 2 feet off of the bottom.  It seems that once the wind
starts blowing around noon, things are over, the fish are still there
on the meter, but are just not interested in feeding.  Because of all
the requests, the shop here at Crowley is now carrying my deep water
indicator.  Pick one up and give it a try.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report May 20, 2015

Trolling Report May 20, 2015
Each day is different, but mostly really good news for the trolling. Last
week I followed my mom’s advice, if you don’t have anything nice to say
don’t say anything at all. This week the weather and the fish have cooperated
better. There are lots of fish in McGee Bay out in the 20-30 foot water putting
the lures down 16-20 feet. Obviously put the lures down appropriately with the
bottom depth. The fish seem to be keyed on the bottom so try to stay within 6
feet of the bottom. Best lures for me have been the Tasmanians in various frog
colors. Work McGee all the way up towards Sandy point and over to the 395 side
also. There are a lot of fish also just north of the islands on the 395 side.
I had a 5 hr guide trip Sunday that I never got past about 400 yds from the
harbor because we did not have to run across the lake. Weather looks promising
for the Memorial weekend. Other spots that have been good is the run from
Christmas Bay to Alligator Point in the 25 foot water. Lures there also need
to be near the bottom. No doubt the Needlefish and small minnow type lures will
work, but I have been concentrating on the fish with the Tasmanians. No, they
do not give me lures, they just work. Come on up and enjoy the fishing with us,
it is only going to get better for the next month or so. Soon as the weather and
barometer settle down watch out as the lake is jugged with quality fish.
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