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Bait Fishing Report July 29, 2015

Bait Fishing Report July 29, 2015
The bait fishing season is winding down here on Crowley.  The season ends
Friday evening July 31.  Starting August 1st, no bait is allowed on Crowley
for the rest of the season.  In addition, you must use barbless hooks, and
artificial lures.  The possession limit also changes, you are allowed just
2 fish in possession, and they must be over 18 inches in length. The best
areas to try on these last 2 days would be McGee Bay in 20 to 25 feet of
water.  The other area producing a few fish is off of Alligator Point, again
in the 20 to 25 foot range.


Perch Fishing Report July 29, 2015

Perch Fishing Report July 29, 2015 

The perch have started to move off of their beds and out into deeper water. 
Although, you can still pick them up at Leighton Springs by casting mini jigs
in 15 feet of water.  Most guys have started slow trolling small crank baits
about 15 feet down, over 35 to 40 feet of water.  The best area for trolling
has been the area from Sandy Point, over to Alligator Point.


Fly Fishing Report July 29, 2015

Fly Fishing Report July 29, 2015 
The fly fishing really took a nose dive this week.  The fish moved out of the
areas that we were having so much success.  There are still fish to be had over
in Big Hilton, along the drop offs by Pelican Point.  McGee Bay is still holding
some fish out around the bathroom in 20 feet of water.  The fish should start
moving into the weed edges in 16 to 17 feet around McGee Bay very soon.  They
should also be showing up in the North arm, also around the weed edges in 16 to
17 feet.  The best flies have been the Copper Tiger, fished less than a foot
from the bottom.  On top, you can use a Birds Nest, Punk Perch, Perfection Perch,
or Hares Ear. Anything that resembles a small perch.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report July 29, 2015

Trolling Report July 29, 201

Right now the best trolling happens to be for the perch. Slow boat speeds with
small minnow and crankbait lures down 10-15 feet up in the north end and lots of
areas in McGee outside the weed beds and out in the deeper water also. The trout
move all around and seem to be keyed on the daphnia and small perch fry. I have
been relatively successful out from Leighton in the middle putting lures down 20
feet in the 25 28 foot water. Early morning trolling should probably be best in
the 20-24 foot water outside the many weed lines in Hilton and McGee. Water is
still nice and clear with little algae problem.  Barbless season right around the
corner. Do a good job pinching the barbs or get a small battery dremel tool as the
wardens do not think it is funny to have any barb at all. 

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