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Bait Fishing Report August 1, 2016

Bait Fishing Report August 1, 2016

The bait fishing season on Crowley is now closed till next year.  You can
now fish with 1 rod only, and barbless artificial lures.  The limit also
changes to 2 fish in possession, and they must be 18 inches or bigger.



Perch Fishing Report August 4, 2016

Perch Fishing Report August 4, 2016

The perch are now moving off the weed edges, and suspending out over deeper
water.  As the season progresses, they will move out to deeper & deeper water.  
Look for them out in 25 to 35 feet of water, suspended 15 to 20 feet down.  
Remember, no bait, or scented grubs are allowed this time of year.  The best
method is to slow troll small Rapalas, or small crank baits through the schools
of perch.  The best area has been from Sandy Point, to Alligator point, and
over to 6-bays.


Fly Fishing Report September 22, 2016

Fly Fishing Report September 22, 2016

We have had a series of cold fronts move through our area for
about a week now.  This unsettled weather really messes up the
midge hatches.  You can still catch fish, you just have to change
your tactics a bit.  We have been dropping down to the small
sized flies, and getting them right down near the bottom.  Some
days, when nothing is hatching, we have been keeping the small
Albino on all day. The other thing that these fronts do, is to
scatter the fish.  We have been finding them up in the North Arm,
from 14 feet, all the way out to 17 feet, it seems to change daily. 
If you get a couple of fish on your top gray switch up your bottom
to gray also. till they stop hitting gray, then switch back to your
Albinos, and Copper Tigers. The good news is that they are calling
for some better weather by the weekend.  We are also seeing more
and more Browns showing up each day.


Trolling Report September 22, 2016

Trolling Report September 22, 2016

Trolling has slowed down lately with too many fish with sore lips.
The many boats fishing the north end and the pretty radical barometer
changes has slowed down the catching. Not to mention the full moon
we just went through. I think it is time to start experimenting and
trying some of the old haunts. McGee bay, the Hiltons, Christmas Bay
towards Alligator Point, Crooked Creek, and the Harbor area. Not to
mention the 6 Bays area,and the shoreline towards Sandy Point. We
really have not had a migration of the brown trout yet but we still
expect it. Perch trolling is slow. Fall lures all include the Tasmanians,
Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants etc. This weekend weather looks good with chilly
mornings turning warm later.  Don Meier  CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524