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Bait Fishing Report September 8, 2017

Bait Fishing Report  September 8, 2017


As of August 1, we are in our no bait season.   No bait or scent, artificial lures, barbless(pinched down with forceps), only keep 2 fish minumum 18" and bigger.


Renting a boat, to get out in the middle of the lake, will help chances of catching.  shore fishing is really hard right now because of the lake level and dense weed line.  best depth is 20'-30'.   use really bright lures or any kind fry(minnow) patterns.  pinch down your barbs with forceps to make them barbless.  

location: Mcgee Bay, Crooked Bay!, Hilton Bay


Trolling Report September 8, 2017

 Trolling Report September 8, 2017-Don Meier C.P.R. Guide Service (760)784-1524


It is not all doom and gloom for the trolling right now. There are fish to be caught outside the midgers in McGee, some rainbows to be caught between Christmas Bay and Alligater point, some fish in the deep water towards the dam and if you explore it is not just a boat ride. In McGee the weeds are tough inside 22 feet but between 22 and 26 feet there are fish to catch putting lures around 4 feet from the bottom. In the deep water put the lures down around 30 feet. Caught a 5# brown at Alligator today and hooked him behind the dorsal for the best fight since I have been on the salt. Migration towards the north has not started for the browns but it will and with the shorter days and cool nights things will get going soon. Uncrowded fishing with only our flyfishing friends to share the lake with.
Don Meier  CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524

trolling lures:  Frog Needlefish, Bleeding frog Tas Devils, Bloody Ripper Tas Devils, Cranberra Tas Devil, CD3 Perch Rapala, CD3 FireTiger Rapala, CD3 BrookTrout Rapala, TJ Special Tas Devil



Fly Fishing Report September 8, 2017

Fly Fishing Report September 8, 2017

Fly fishing is pretty consistent.  Lake is finally starting to level off, even going down a little bit.  not much of a midge hatch going on(so use larvae patterns) but the fish are still chasing perch fry and damsel nymphs.  McGee is still producing the best.  right at the inlet, 5-10ft, has been good for the numbers count but out deeper is where the quality fish are, 20-25ft.  Crooked Crk bay has also been hit and miss as well as the north arm.  it also seems like the browns and rainbows are in the prespawn mode.  not many cutthroat have been caught majority being lot of quality browns and rainbows.   

Fly: Mickey Baron's shaft midge, Mickey Baron's albino baron, Mickey Baron's small copper tiger, Mickey Baron's black zebra, purple tungsten midge, small punk perch, damsel nymph, callibaetis nymph

Depth: 5-25ft

Location: Mcgee Bay, Crooked Bay, North Landing Point