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Bait Fishing Report July 28, 2016

Bait Fishing Report July 28, 2016

Good news, the algae cleared up just in time for the final bait fishing weekend
of the season.  The algae floated up, got bleached by the sun, and sank to the
bottom.  The fish are still out in McGee Bay hitting the standard inflated night
crawler, and Chunky Cheese Gulp.  With all this hot weather, the fish are still
out deep, look for them in 25 to 30 feet of water.



Perch Fishing Report July 21, 2016

Perch Fishing Report July 21, 2016

Nothing to report on the perch fishing, not many people are trying for
them right now.  They should be off their spawning beds, and schooling
up in that 20 to 25 foot range, outside the weed beds.  You have until
August 1st to use your power grubs, and croppie nibbles, after that it
will be trolling small Rapallas and Crankbaits.


Fly Fishing Report July 28, 2016

Fly Fishing Report July 28, 2016

The algae is gone, and the fish have started to bite again.  McGee Bay is still
the top location.  You may have to spend a little time finding the fish, they can
be right up against the weeds in 15 feet of water, or all the way out to 18 feet.  
The top flies this week have been a perch pattern on top, with either a Copper Tiger,
or Albino on the bottom.  Start out with your flies 6 to 8 inches from the bottom.  
Around 9:30 or 10:00, I have been switching that bottom fly to a Shaft, or Super Fly
about 12 inches off the bottom.  There are also fish coming in from Sandy Point, Big
Hilton, Crooked Creek, and Little Hilton.


For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report July 28, 2016

Trolling Report July 28, 2016

Here is what is happening. The fish are out in the cooler water down around the 30 foot
level in the deep water areas of McGee bay. Very hard to get them around the creek mouths
right now so we are trolling the deep water. The best area has been off the 395 side if
McGee way out in the 36-50 foot water putting the lures down 28-32 feet. The bite is not
wide open but happens in spurts so if you see them on your electronics and they do not bite,
remember where that was and go back through as they will bite sometime during the day. Some
of the spurts are insane and the good Crowley fish are involved. Fish up to 5# are common but
not always interested until they are hungry. Best lures for me have been the Tasmanians in
lots of different frog patterns including the bleeding, funky, sunset, and even the pink one.   
Put them down 28-30 feet and hang on. Remember that Aug 1 starts the barbless season but it
is great to only share the lake with our fly fishing friends. Make sure the barbs are really
gone. I use a dremel tool and grind them away.   Don Meier  CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524