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Bait Fishing Report May 19, 2016

Bait Fishing Report May 19, 2016

The bait fishing has been good for those who wanted to venture out this
week.  We have had a couple of fronts move through that brought high winds
and cold temperatures.  There is another front moving through right now,
so conditions are less than optimal for fishing.  Once this front moves
through today, and Friday, things should pick right back up where they
left off.  The water temps are still holding in the upper 50's, and is
very clear.  The fish are still coming in from most of the normal places,
Sometimes Bay, Alligator Point, Sandy Point, and Big Hilton.  This time of
year, the fish are usually in 18 to 20 feet of water, although I have had
reports of good catches from as shallow as 10 to 15 feet.  The shore guys
over in Little Hilton have been catching fish each morning on Inflated
Crawlers, and the brighter colored power baits.


Perch Fishing Report May 19, 2016

Perch Fishing Report May 19, 2016

No news on the perch fishing, the water temps have been climbing when we
have nice weather, and falling right back down with each storm that comes
through.  Overall, the water temps have been holding in the upper 50's,
which is still a bit too cold for the perch to start moving in.  We have
had a few while fly fishing over at Sandy Point, but nothing to get too
excited about.


Fly Fishing Report May 19, 2016

Fly Fishing Report May 19, 2016

The fly fishing has been really good on the days when you have nice weather.
However, when it has been cold and windy, the fishing has been pretty poor.
For the most part, the fish are still holding in the deeper water in several
locations.  There are fish off of the North Landing in 18 to 19 feet of water,
good numbers of fish out in 19 to 20 feet off of Leighton Springs.  The only
problem, is that the fish up in the North Arm are keying in on Daphnia, which
makes them a little harder to catch.  Closer to home, there are still fish to
be caught off of Sandy Point in 16 to 20 feet, and good numbers of fish off of
Sometime Bay in 20 to 21 feet.  These fish are still keying in on midges.  A
plain old Shaft fished about 2 feet from the bottom did the trick yesterday for
us.  There are also good numbers of fish back in Big Hilton, in anywhere from 11
to 18 feet of water.

For a more detailed Fly Fishing Report follow this Link:


Trolling Report May 19, 2016

Trolling Report October 19, 2015 
Lately the best areas have been in and around McGee Bay. From up by Sandy Point
all the way through the 395 side the fish have been cooperating. Out in the 26-32
foot water putting the lures down 20 feet has been working. Over on the 395 side
the fish have been a little shallower and the 20-26 foot water putting the lures
down 16 feet has been the answer. The other area that has been really productive
has been Big Hilton outside the midgers putting the lures from 16-20 feet down.
I have been moving back to the Tasmanians lately as they seem to outfish the minnow
lures . Frog patterns are generally being dragged behind the boat. Both the clear
and yellow wings have been working and remember to fish smart. Don't just troll
around, have a plan and stick to it. Don't leave fish to find fish and fish where
the fish are.           Don Meier  CPR Guideservice  760 784 1524