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Bait Fishing Report August 1, 2016

Bait Fishing Report August 1, 2016

The bait fishing season on Crowley is now closed till next year.  You can
now fish with 1 rod only, and barbless artificial lures.  The limit also
changes to 2 fish in possession, and they must be 18 inches or bigger.



Fly Fishing Report October 21, 2016

Fly Fishing Report October 21, 2016

We had a big storm front roll through here last weekend with cold temps
and high winds.  This dropped the water temps down into the low 50’s.   
When this happens, the fish hibernate for a few days.  We have great
weather right now, and things are getting back to normal.  The fish that
were up in the North Arm have pretty much moved out.  With the cooling
water, there is no need to get out early in the morning. Things don’t
start happening till 10:00 or 10:30.  You should look for fish in some
of the standard late fall locations.  Alligator Point / Leighton Springs,
Sandy Point, Big Hilton, and Crooked Creek.  I would be looking in the 10
to 12 foot range.  Fish Copper Tigers and Albinos early and late, gray
patterns from 10:00 to 1:00.  Don’t hesitate to use a leach pattern as
your top fly.  We have had good results using Purple, Burgundy, or Black
leaches late in the season.  The annual late season run of Browns should
start happening behind the tires in Whiskey Bay soon, so give that a look
in the next week or so.


Trolling Report October 23, 2016

Trolling Report October 23, 2016

The lake has cleaned up quite a bit with our windy and stormy past.
Not completely but a lot better than it was. With that said the fish
are in the North end from Christmas bay all the way to Green Banks on
both sides. Best lures have been small Rapalas in Rainbow patterns.
Keep the lures close to the bottom. For the last week it is prudent
to explore also as there are lots of fish in the Hiltons and the harbor
areas. Best fish last week was a 24" 5.5# hookjaw brown from the 6 bays
area my 4 yr old grandson and I got trolling a size 9 floating Rapala
in rainbow color. Good luck for our last week coming up.

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