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2018 Still Water Classic Winners


1st Place Robbie Tani

2nd Place Jeff Kudla

3rd Place Eric Johnson


1st Place Jean Colian

2nd Place Amy Koch

3rd Place Margie Kamens


1st Place Jeff Kudla and Kevin Grant

2nd Place Josh Koch and Jean Colian

3rd Place Lee Watanabe and Ryan Higachi


1st Place Addison Glass

2nd Place Sophie Dishon



Boat Rental Discounts!

Now that Crowley Lake is in it's barbless season, we are offering discounts on all of our boat rentals!

$10 off Aluminums, $25 off Customs, and $50 off Pontoons and Polarkrafts!

That goes for half days too! Local Discount on top of that Monday through Thursday, so get in here for great deals.


Bait Season Ends July 31st

Every season on August 1st, Crowley Lake enters into it's restricted fishing season. No live or scented bait may be used, only artificial & barbless flies or lures, and you may only keep two trout that are a minimum of 18 inches. These regulations help to protect the trout population that grows and spawns here.

If you are new to this type of fishing, don't let it scare you off! It's great to be at Crowley Lake while everywhere else is still packed and this is some of the best fishing of the year! Come into our shop and we'll help get you set up. There are many great and simple options for a successful day of barbless fishing.

For more info regarding California fishing regulations, please visit


Crowley Lake Guide Trips 

This is the best time of year to get on the lake for some fly-fishing. Whether you are completely new to the sport, or want to improve or hone your skills, a day on the lake with Brennan Turner is the way to go. He has years of experience and impressive knowledge of all aspects of the sport. You'll learn, you'll catch fish, and you'll have a good time.

If your interested in a guided trip on the lake, Please call our Tackle Shop for rates and info @ 760-935-4301 and ask for Brennan.


Crowley Lake Business Hours 

Front Gate:  

Sunday - Thursday:   6am to 9pm

Friday & Saturday:    6am to 10pm


 Tackle Shop: 

Daily: 6am to 5pm

We will begin opening at 7am on August 13th!