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2019 Stillwater Classic Winners


Dylan Brooks 1st place,   Ernie Walsh  2nd Place,   Lee Watanabe   3rd Place


Jean Collian 1st place,   Sue Holt  2nd Place


Owen Hildebrand  1st Place,   Addison Glass   2nd Place


Dylan Brooks & Ryan Muller  1st Place

2nd and 3rd Place tie:  Lee Watanabe & Ryan Higuchi,  Josh Koch and Ryan McDonald



Thanks to this years sponsors:

80/50  Sage  RIO  Parcher's Resort   Hot Creek Ranch   Honda Marine

Yamaha Motor Corporation   Mammoth Mountain  Yamatani Restaurant

Reagan's Sporting Goods   East Side Bake Shop  Troutfitter   Roberto's

Bishop Country Club  Domino's   Mammoth Fun Shop  June Lake Marina

Outcast Boats   Mickey Baron   Bishop Automotive  Footloose Sports

Burger's Restaurant  Breakfast Club  Wave Rave    &  Pokonobe



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